Membership is mandatory for all the YHAI Programs. All the participants have to validate their Membership at the base camp during registration\r\nSmoking, use of alcohol and narcotics of any description is strictly prohibited during the course of the program\r\nStay other than YHAI Camp is not allowed for the entire duration of the camp.\r\nThis is an environment friendly trek. Do no litter any wrappers or spoil the trial in any way. In case you find any wrapper, plastic bag or anything left by trekkers on the way, please carry the same with you and deposit at the base camp.\r\nBurning of wood during camp fire is strictly prohibited. Import of any bio Non- degradable Material is an offence.\r\nDeviation from the set schedule of the program is not permitted. If participants may wish to join any other activity, they may do so at their own responsibility and risk only after finishing the program and checking out\r\nRoute and Schedule of the programme may change without prior notice based on the local condition\r\nPlease read the cancellation policy before cancelling the programs.