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Dear Trekker,

Hope you are safe with your family in your home and following all safety guidelines in the difficult times of the COVID19 pandemic. The situation is inevitable but it has left all of us in many difficult situations including your passion for trekking with YHAI.

Due to the situational ambiguity, we have called off all YHAI treks scheduled up to 30th June 2021. We know that the restrictions on travel as well as the associated fear will stay with us for a few more months. We are as disappointed as you and decided to communicate our predicament.

YHAI treks have been designed with focus on the quality of the programme in terms of evolved logistics, trained support team and professional practices of international standard. Though our programmes are second to none, our fees are lower than others due to the sheer number of our programmes as well as the participation and the voluntary services rendered by our members.

However, our biggest advantage of organizing trekking programmes on a large scale is turning to be a major concern with all summer treks being cancelled. A lot of resources and efforts have gone into setting up logistics for the programmes. We have already invested in logistics, safety equipment, recruitment and training for the camp leaders and other staff.

YHAI treks are made trekker friendly by our team that includes experienced and committed staff. In this difficult times, YHAI stands committed to support the ones who have served our trekking programs so well. Their livelihood is our programmes. They have families to support. We seek your support to help us help them.

We know things will take a positive turn but it will be a few months before that happens. We appeal to you to stand by us in a way that will be symbiotically beneficial to all of us. We offer you a choice of options against your booking amount

(1) As all the programs stands cancelled till 30th June 2021, we will be creating a CREDIT SHELL in your name and inform you accordingly within a few days. This CREDIT SHELL will be of full amount paid by participant in any program cancelled and the same can be used by you for any National programmes of YHAI, including the ones organized by state branches or unit by Dec. 2023.   

 (2) If the next programme opted by you is cheaper, you may use the balance amount in any of the trek till Dec 2023.

(3) If the next opted programme is costlier, the trekker have to pay the differential amount.

(4) If the trekker opts for the same programme that was cancelled, he/she will not be charged extra even if the price goes up next year.

(5) You may transfer your seat to your family members and friends also.

It is you - our trekkers that helped build YHAI into being the foremost in trekking in India. Your disciplined participation and committed support has obliged us on many occasions. We are grateful for your backing and understanding. Together we will tide this crisis and return to our trekking ways.

Sky will be blue once again…….

With regards,



Rupesh K. Pandey                                                                                         Manoj Joshi                                      

Chief Executive Officer                                                                                APC Chairman                                  






List of Program canceled till 30th June 2021:-

1. National Himalayan Trekking cum Training Expedition Sar Pass 2021
2. National Family Adventure Cum Training Camp Seobagh 2021
3. National Family Camping Cum Training Expedition Srinagar 2021
4. National Himalayan Pindari Glacier Trekking cum Training Expedition 2021
5. National Family Camping Cum Training Expedition Lonavala 2021
6. National Mountain Biking Cum Training Expedition Tirthan Valley Jalori Pass 2021
7. National Mountain Cycling Cum Training Expedition Prashar Lake 2021
8. National Himalayan Nature Study Cum Trekking Cum Training Expedition 15 Miles 2021
9. National Himalayan Sandakphu Gurdum Summer Trekking cum Training Expedition 2021
10. National Himalayan Trekking Cum Training Expedition Chanderkhani Pass 2021
11. National Himalayan Trekking Cum Training Expedition Saurkundi Pass 2021
12. National Himalayan Har Ki Doon Trekking cum Training Expedition 2021
13. National Char Dham Trekking cum Training Expedition 2021 canceled till 30th June 2021



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