Terms & conditions

1. This Membership is for Indian nationals only. Foreigners are requested to apply for membership in their respective country. 

2. Please send the photo by e-mail with your temporary membership card details to it@yhaindia.org if not uploaded at the time of membership registration. 
3. Customers will get their permanent membership cards within 10 days after online membership registration.

4. Customers are requested to mention their complete address with PIN code in the membership registration form.

4. Annual Membership is valid for one calender year only (January- December). 1st October onwards customer can apply for next year membership.

5. Membership below 18 years is allowed only for Junior Membership (11 - 18 years) of one year.

6. If any membership card lost or stolen there is Duplicate card fee as under

 Acceptance: "I have read the aims and objects of the Association. I undertake to abide by its rules and regulations. Please enroll me as a member."