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Adventure Scholarship named

We are pleased to inform that YHAI has established Adventure Scholarship named "Off the Beaten Track Siddharth Adventure Scholarship" to assist young men and women who are adventure enthusiasts and have love for the outdoor sports and activities.  The scholarship has been set up in the memory of Siddharth Singh, S/o. Mrs. Saroj Singh and Prof. Vijay Singh. Siddharth, generous by heart, was deeply committed to the promotion of adventure sports and outdoor activities. As a part of this scholarship 50% of the programme fee for each selected candidate will be sponsored.  Applicant whose family income is less than Rs. 250000/- p.a.  will be given preference.  The salary certificate of the family should be submitted along with the  application form. In case income of the family is derived from business, the same should be submitted in an affidavit. YHAI sincerely thanks and expresses its gratitude to Mrs. Saroj Singh and Prof. Vijay Singh for this noble initiative and we sincerely hope that young YHAI members men and women aged less than 30 years would immensely benefit from this scholarship in the years to come.