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(Transportation from Road Head Naranag to Sonamarg base camp, Expert Guides, Expert supporting team, Food (Veg), Equipments, Group Insurance, Forest entry)

The Great Kashmir Lakes, trek is the most beautiful, amazing and full of natural beauty trek. In this trek you can enjoy the scenic beauty of God’s amazing creation called ‘Lakes’. Here you can see 6 different Lakes named, Vishnusar, Kishansar, Gadsar ,Satsar,Gangabal,Nandkol and many other small lakes . This is the totally hidden part of Kashmir. Only very few number of people is known about this amazing trek.
* Purpose: The purpose of the program is to expose the YHAI members to a greater adventure and to rough the rigors of plodding, with a sense of love for nature and outdoor recreational activity aiming at promoting national integration.
* Duration: 8N/9D
* Reporting Point: Sonamarg, J&K
* Program Includes: Transportation from Road Head Naranag to Sonamarg base camp, Expert Guides,   Expert supporting team,  Food (Veg), Equipments, Group Insurance, Forest entry,
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Reporting at Sonamarg Base Camp

0 hours hiking

You will have to report at the Sonamarg Base Camp which is located beside the River Sindh.


Orientation, Training and Acclimatization Walk

- hours hiking

the travelers will go for an acclimatization walk to the Thajiwas Glacier. You can spot the beauty of the glacier while walking through the gold meadows of Sonamarg. The snow cladded mountain and the picturesque glacier under the beautiful summer sky is worth capturing in your phone.


Trek to Nichnai Camp (11948 ft.)

- hours hiking

Crossing the shepherd huts amidst the emerald meadows of Sonamarg, the trek (10 km) take you to the Nichnai Camp. After leaving the base camp at Sonamarg, the trail ascends to the Table Top where you can enjoy a bowl of maggi from the local shop. The trek continues amidst the scenic forest of Maples, Pine and Bhoj (Silver Birch) trees. Inhale the beauty of the forest as you are not going to see it for some days! After walking through the forest for half an hour, you will pursue your trek by a stream which leads to the camp at Nichnai.


Trek to Vishnusar Camp (12152 ft) via Nichnai Pass (13458 ft)

- hours hiking

On the fourth day, you will leave the Nichnai camp in the morning and cross the stream by hopping the boulders. After crossing the stream, you will ascent the slopes and reach Nichnai Pass which is one of the highest points of the trek. Under the blue summer sky standing over one of the top point makes you feel invincible. After enjoying the breathtaking view of the Nichnai Pass, the trail descends to the Vishnusar camp by the side of the enchanting Vishansar and Krishansar Lake. The two alpine high altitude oligotrophic lakes amidst the snow- capped mountains make this journey worth reminiscing. The lush green meadows with wild flowers on the one side and mountains on the other side, the clear water lakes lift up the spirit of the travelers after a difficult trek.


Trek to Gadsar (10777 ft) via Gadsar Pass (13763 ft)

- hours hiking

From the Vishnusar camp the trekkers will climb to the Gadsar Pass, the highest point of the trek. After reaching the Pass, you will descend 80 degree down and reach a plain area. Trekking through the alpine meadows of Gadsar you will spot the sight of some of the most beautiful lakes of India. The picturesque Gadsar Lake, also known as Valley of Flowers, is a natural habitat for the Brown Trouts. After engulfing the beauty of the Lake the travelers will head towards Gadsar camp which is just 3 km away.


Trek to Satsar (11860 ft)

- hours hiking

On the sixth day, the trekkers will follow the trail by crossing a stream near the camp. The stream usually covered with 25 m snow patch. After crossing the stream, you will ascend through a steep mountain. The deserted road lies ahead of you leading to the Satsar army post. The camp is known for its hospitality towards the travelers. The trek to Satsar is one of the most beautiful treks with seven fascinating lakes and its spellbinding landscapes.


Trek to Gangabal (11482 ft) via Zach Pass (13428 ft)

- hours hiking

Leaving the Satsar Camp, you will have to start the trail by hopping boulders which is very much prevalent in the area. After crossing the boulders the trekkers will have to climb till Zach Pass. From the pass you can have a panoramic view of Nandkol and Gangabal Lake and the snow covered Harmukh peak. After enjoying the ravishing beauty from the Pass, you will take a trail that involves steep descend to Gangabal camp. Trekking by the foothills of Mount Harmukh, you will reach the two lakes which are known for its Rainbow Trouts and Brown Trouts. After visiting the lakes, you will head to the Camp which is nearby.


Trek to Naranag Village and Then Transfer to the Base Camp in Sonamarg by Jeep

- hours hiking

The eighth day of trekking is a moderate one leading you to beautiful village called Naranag which is 10 km away from Gangabal. The trek involves both ascending and descending trails. Trekking through the deep Deodar forest trail takes steep descend to the village. There you will find paved roads that will take you back to the Base Camp in Sonamarg. In the camp you will be awarded with the certificate and enjoy recreational activities after trekking a difficult road for seven days.


Check Out After Breakfast

- hours hiking

Participate will check out after the Breakfast on the last day taking a bountiful memories of this fantabulous journey home with you.


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* Food Supplies : YHAI provides nutritious, vegetarian and good quality meals which includes Morning tea, breakfast, packed lunch, evening tea (in the camp), inner and after dinner tea/coffee/Bourn vita, shall be provided.  Please bring your own plates, mugs, spoons etc.
* Accommodation facilities: Tented accommodation on sharing basis, paka toilet cum bathroom facility, at the base camp.
* Safety & Security:
YHAI Group Insurance cover is for accidental death or permanent disability only. You are advised to take personal insurance cover for your journey and other related matters. Extensive and painstaking preparations have gone into the planning of this program for your safety. Our field staff and experienced camp leaders have been visiting the area to check all details. While every care has been taken to ensure safety, the Youth Hostels Association of India cannot be held responsible for any accident, illness and such other unforeseen eventualities.
* What participants should bring along: 
Rucksack (if You have one), Woolens, Cotton Shirts, Slacks, Cotton Pants, Sun Cap, Shoes, Socks, Enameled or Steel Mug / tumbler, Plate, Lunch box ,Spoon, Water purifying tablets, Pen knife, Needle, Thread, Spare buttons, Goggles, Cold cream / Vaseline, Soap, Toilet Paper, Towel, Rain sheet,  Medicines which you normally use at home, Camera with extra batteries.
* Special Casual leave: 
The Trekking Expedition organized by Youth Hostels Association of India have the approval of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Dept. of Personnel And Training), Government of India, vide Office Order no. 28016/3/89-Estt (A), Dated 25 October, 1989. Participants working in the Central Govt. Organization can apply to the authorities concerned for availing special casual leave for the duration of the expedition. This leave can be sanctioned by their office up to 30 days in calendar year.
* Justice TPS Chawla Scholarship: 
YHAI announces Justice T.P.S. Chawla Memorial Adventure Scholarship for underprivileged girls for participation in YHAI adventure activities. Deserving participants may apply to the National Office YHAI supported by relevant document / certificates.
* Adventure Scholarship for Handicap: 
YHAI announces 50 adventure scholarships of each to physically challenged youth (including deaf & dumb) for this expedition. Deserving participants may apply to the National Office YHAI, on a plain paper supported by relevant documents/certificates. 
* Off the beaten Siddhartha Scholarship:
To provide under privileged young men and women less than 30 years of age with an opportunity to participate in outdoor adventure activities / programs by YHAI in various parts of the country. Deserving participants may apply to the National Office YHAI supported by relevant document / certificates.
* Cancellation rules
In case you are unable to join this trip you will get 50 % (Rs. 4750/-) of the program fee as refund, provided your request online before 20th July 2019.
Offline booking request for cancellation and refund may be sent through email at contact@yhaindia.org. Please attach the copy of your Admit Card in your cancellation request email.
Request for cancellation and refund may be sent through post/courier at following address provided it should reach National Office before 20th July 2019.