National Himalayan Trekking cum Training Expedition Sar Pass 2019


  • Report at Kasol Base Camp - 5th May to 31st May, 2019
  • 10N/11D( Fee Rs6500+Bkg Chrg Rs 325)
  • Inclusive of Food, Boarding, Medical Insurance and Trekking
2019 05 May
2019 10 Jun
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* About Program:
After completing 48 years in Himalayan Trekking, Youth Hostels Association of India once again brings the National Himalayan Trekking cum Training Expedition– SAR Pass, 2019, in the beautiful Parvati valley of Kullu District in Himachal Pradesh. SAR Pass is one of the most popular trails of the Shivalik range of the mighty Himalayas. SAR Pass Trail offers an opportunity to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Parvati valley with Kasol, Nagaru, Biskeri and Manikaran as its beauty spots.
*Trek Grading: Moderate
These treks generally have around 06 hours of trekking per day and can involve a reasonable amount of ascent and descent touching the altitude around 12000-13000 feet. This grade is suitable for someone who is  in good health and who is regular walker. Suitable for anyone who is used to walking on weekends or so, no previous trekking experience is required for this grade.
*Range: Parvati Valley, Kullu District of HP
*Flora and Fauna: 
Because of the complex geography and the great variations in altitude, Kullu is home to an enormous range of species, which span the subtropical to the alpine. The common trees in the Kullu hills belong to the conifer species (deodar, pine, spruce, fir). Several species of medicinal plants like Hath Panja (Dactylorhiza hatageria) and Brahma Kamal (Saussurea obvallata) grow luxuriously in the valley. the Himalayan brown bear and the Himalayan Tahr. The Western Tragopan (the state bird of Himachal Pradesh) and the Monal pheasant are the prominent birds species found in the region.
*Heighest Altitude Gain: 12,500 feet
Reporting Dates:  50 participants in each reporting date between 5th May to 31st May-2019
* Duration: 10N/11D
* Reporting Point: Kasol Base Camp
* Program Includes:  Inclusive of Food, Boarding, Medical Insurance and Trekking
* Day Wise schedule:
# Day 01:- Reporting at Base Camp, Youth Hostel Kasol.
# Day 02:- Acclimatization, Orientation and Training
The trekkers will be taken for acclimatization walk followed by the orientation (Opening Address) which includes introduction of YHAI, Do’s and Don’ts in Mountains and brief about the High Altitude Sickness.
# Day 03:- Acclimatization Level 2, Medical and Kit Inspection:
Trekkers will be taken to acclimatization walk on high altitude followed by medical and Kit Inspection.
# Day 04:- Trek to Youth Hostel Grahan Camp (Distence 9 kms, Trek  5hrs)
The Village of Grahan located at an altitude of 7700 feet  , is a small village situated deep inside the Parvati valley tributaries,
# Day 05:- Trek to Youth Hostel Padri Camp ( Trek  6 hrs).
The beautiful site at an altitude of 9,300 feet, is surrounded by the forests with the scenic beauty of snowy  mountains. This is the Camp where form the High Altitude starts.
# Day 06:- Trek to Youth Hostel Mingthatch Camp ( Trek 6 hrs )
This camp site touches the altitude of 11,200 feet so trekkers will start  feeingl the real taste of High altitude
# Day 07:- Trek to Youth Hostel Nagaru Camp ( Trek 5 hrs)
This camp is the highest target of this expedition which touches 12,500 Feet from sea level, and this is the only destination of this expedition where the trekkers will properly expose their body to the towering Altitude.
# Day 08:- Trek to Youth Hostel Beskari Camp  ( Trek 8 hrs)
While  descending    from Nagaru  to Beskari ,  trekkers will not only enjoy the trek  on snow but can get a chance to slide down on snow as well. Sometimes trekkers may also enjoy the snow fall during trek and finally will find relaxed  In the Beskari camp which is situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet
# Day 09:- Trek to Youth Hostel Bhandak Thatch Camp (Trek  6 hrs).
Bhandak Thatch Camp is situated in a plain ground with green grass bounded by the Deodar and Fir trees at an altitude of 8000 feet where one can take pleasure by playing games in the charming beauty of snowy mountain peaks etc. This is one of the most and last attractive camp site of this expedition.
# Day 10:- Short Trek to Barshani & Certificate Distribution and Recreation Activity:
Trekkers will have to go for a short trek to reach Barshani which takes less than two hours, Barshani is  the road head where from trekkers will be transported by bus to Base Camp Kasol via Manikaran. Manikarn is the world famous tourist spot, the source of the  Parvati river, trekkers can also enjoy the bath of spring  hot water at Manikarn. After reaching the base camp, by the evening there will be closing ceremony in which the  certificates will be distributed among the participants who have successfully completed the trekking expedition
# Day 11:-Check Out: On this day trekkers will have to check out after breakfast immediately.
Note : Route may change without prior notice.
* How To Reach: Our base camp is at Kasol which is linked by road to Kullu via Bhuntar, it is 5 kms short of Manikaran, famouis for hot water springs. Regular bus services and available from Kullu and Bhuntar to reach Kasol. Direct Bussed are also available to Manikaran from Chandigarh and other parts of Punjab. Nearest railheads are Chandigarh and Ambala. Nearest airport is Bhuntar. Deluxe, semi deluxe and orginary night/day buses are available from Delhi, Chandigarh and other parts of Punjab.

* Who can Participate: The participant must be physically and medically fit and above the age of 15 -65 years. YHAI membership is mandatory to participate. This condition will be adhered to strictly. 

Minimum Age: 15 Years

Maximum Age: 65 Years

* How to Participate:

Online Booking: Members desirous of joining this programme may apply online though website: by paying requisite program fee Rs.6500/- plus 5% online booking charges.

We accept Net Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card payment on for online payments.

After successful transaction Admit Card will be generated. Participant has to carry "Admit Card", "Trekking Medical Certificate" & "Membership Card, two passport size photographs at the time of reporting to the Base Camp.

Offline Booking: Members desirous of joining this programme may apply on the prescribed "Trekking Registration Form" duly supported by a "Trekking Medical Certificate", along with a Demand Draft of requisite amount of Rs.6500/- .in favour of “Youth Hostels Association of India” payable at New Delhi. The Trekking registration Form, Trekking Medical Form and Demand Draft may be sent to following address:


All Offline Booking confirmation is subject to availability of seats. National Office will send the Admit Card along with confirmation letter to the participant at the address mentioned in "Trekking Registration Form".

Members can also apply through our YHAI Units or State Branch in their respective area.


* Cancellation Policy:

In case you are unable to join this trek, you will get a refund of 50%  of your booking provided when your request is received through online link & offline booking should come through the post directly at the National Office-New Delhi, before 10th  April, 2019. After this date no refund application will be considered.

For offline booking, cancellation request may be sent via mail, post etc to the National Office and should reach office before 10th April 2019 

Seat once booked may not be re-scheduled or transferred.

There is no refund applicable for the all the program bookings done after 10th April, 2019.

Any unforeseen event/ strike or natural calamity/ unfit medical condition will not be considered as a cause of cancellation.

Refund may be given after completion of the programs 30 to 45 working days.


Trekking Department, National Office

Youth Hostels Association of India

5, Nyaya Marg, Chankayapuri. New Delhi – 110021,

Contact No.: 7827999000 Email:]




* Notice to Participant: 

1.  Smoking, use of alcohol and narcotics of any description is strictly prohibited during the course of the program.

2.  Stay other than YHAI Camp is not allowed for the entire duration of the camp.

3.  This is an environment friendly trek. Do no litter any wrappers or spoil the trial in any way. In case you find any wrapper, plastic bag or anything left by trekkers on the way, please carry the same with you and deposit at the base camp.

4.  Burning of wood during camp fire is strictly prohibited. Import of any bio Non- degradable Material in Himachal Pradesh is an offence

* Food & Supplies: Simple, nutritious vegetarian meals

* Accommodation Facilities: Tented accommodation, pucca toilet cum bathroom facility, at the base camp.

* Safety & Security: : Extensive and painstaking preparations have gone into the planning of trekking routed for your safety. Our field staff and experienced camp leaders have been visiting the area to check all details. While every care has been taken to ensure safety, the Youth Hostels Association of India cannot be held responsible for any accident, illness and such other unforeseen eventualities.

* What participants should bring along: Rucksack (if You have one), Walking stick, Woolens, Cotton Shirts, Slacks, Cotton Pants, Sun Cap, Shoes, Socks, Enameled or Steel Mug / tumbler, Plate, Lunch box ,Spoon, Water purifying tablets, Pen knife, Needle, Thread, Spare buttons, Goggles, Cold cream / Vaseline, Soap, Toilet Paper, Towel, Rain sheet,  Medicines which you normally use at home, Camera with extra batteries.

* Notice to Participants at the time of reporting:

YHAI membership card or Receipt of payment for membership fees and Admit card, original Medical Certificate & two Passport size photographs is must to enter into the Base Camp. Without these documents participating members will not be allowed at Base Camp.

* Special Casual leave: The Trekking Expedition organized by Youth Hostels Association of India have the approval of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Dept. of Personnel And Training), Government of India, vide Office Order no. 28016/3/89-Estt (A), Dated 25 October, 1989. Participants working in the Central Govt. Organization can apply to the authorities concerned for availing special casual leave for the duration of the expedition. This leave can be sanctioned by their office up to 30 days in calendar year.

* Certificates: Participants, who successfully complete the trekking and abide by the discipline of the program, will be awarded certificates.

* Justice TPS Chawla Scholarship for underprivileged Girls: YHAI announced Justice T.P.S. Chawla Memorial Adventure Scholarship for underprivileged girls for participation in YHAI adventure activities. Girls whose family income is less than Rs.100000/- p.a. can avail this scholarship.  Applicant has to submit the salary certificate of their parents.  In case of Business, she has to submit their income on an affidavit. Deserving participants may apply to the National Office YHAI supported by relevant document / certificates.

*Adventure Scholarship for Physically Challenged Youth: YHAI announced 50% adventure scholarships of to physically challenged youth (including deaf & dumb) for YHAI adventure activities. Deserving participants may apply to the National Office YHAI, on a plain paper supported by relevant documents/certificates (Disability Certificate).  
*Off the beaten Siddharth Scholarship for underprivileged Young Men & Women :YHAI announced 50% Off the Beaten Track Siddharth Scholarship of the program fee to provide underprivileged Young Men & Women less than 30 years of age with an opportunity to participate in outdoor adventure activities/ programs by YHAI in various parts of the country.  Underprivileged Young Men & Women whose family income is less than Rs. 250000/- p.a can avail this scholarship by applying to the National Office YHAI supported by relevant document/ 
certificates through their respective State Branch.

* Photography Competition: After the completion of each trekking expedition, a photography competition will be held for which attractive prizes and certificates will be awarded. You may also send your entries in the form of colored slides or prints on the following subjects: Nature-birds, Flowers, Scenic Beauty, Camping and Trekking. The size of the prints should be 8” x 10”. Please give brief details of the location of the subjects and also your name, address and group number on the reverse of the photograph. YHAI has the right to retain/use even the entries which are not selected for awards due to acknowledgement/compensation. Last date for submitting entries is 31st July 2017.